June 5

Help keep New Jersey health insurance costs affordable

New Jersey health insuranceIf you and your New Jersey health insurance company consider yourselves a team in keeping costs low, you’re both doing your part. You may wonder what your part might be. The fact is that policyholders can do a lot to help keep costs affordable, starting with living a healthier lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle means lower costs overall

Good habits lead to good health. Paying attention to your diet and eating fresh vegetables and fruit with meals, avoiding junk food and exercising daily will help keep us from developing lifestyle-related disease.

If we have an abundance of stress in our lives, it’s important that we learn how to manage it, because it plays an important role in feeding disease. Many plans offer stress reduction programs for those who would like to take advantage of them

Don’t smoke. So many diseases are smoking-related. It can be difficult to quit, but today’s health plans often have stop smoking programs that you can utilize for support in kicking the habit.

Do you move every day? They say we should all walk three miles a day and get an aerobic benefit, but if all you can manage is a few minutes a day, do it. It’s just important to move around. You might want to get a fitness monitor to help encourage you.

Many New Jersey health insurance companies encourage you to visit your doctor for preventive care and regular screenings appropriate for your age and condition. Often, these are available at no cost or for just a small co-payment.

Use in-network providers

All New Jersey health insurance plans provide incentives for using the in-network physicians and hospitals with whom they have negotiated lower rates. Your costs and theirs will be lower. Be forewarned that out of network providers may not be reimbursed or if they are, it will be at a lower rate.

Prescription drug benefits

The prescription medication benefits offered today provide incentives for use of generic drugs. This is something to ask your doctor about. You may also find mail-in options that allow you to save even more money.

 What about an HAS?

HAS–a health savings account –lets you contribute a certain amount of pre-tax money to pay for certain, specified medical costs. If this option is available and you can afford it, take it.

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